Z Code System Review

by admin on October 2, 2012

A Sports Betting System That Allows You To Take a Businesslike Approach to Sports Gambling! Not Again… Haven’t We Seen All This Before?
Okay, no-one can deny that you honestly can make money from sports gambling – if only you had a crystal ball. Alright – that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but if you, like us, are fed up of seeing all these “new,” “guaranteed,”z code system review Z Code System Review “unique” automated betting systems that promise the world and then fail to deliver, you can excuse us for being a little on the cynical side.

But – (takes a deep breath) – never let it be said that we don’t give a fair appraisal of everything we review, so we squashed that cynicism one side and got down and dirty with the Z Code System.
Read on to find exactly what we unearthed:

What do you get for your money?

  • So, the Z Code System is all about providing sports fans with a serious and calculated approach to their sports betting. What it does is take away the “human” factor of deciding how and when to place your bets. And if you think this sounds a little contrived, the following will tell you exactly why this is what makes the system so highly accurate.
  • Completely objective predictions – because no matter how in control of your emotions you might be, every single human being has their judgment clouded by emotional attachment. Using the Z Code System takes away this “fly in the ointment.”
  • Combines both expert human cappers with the latest in technology – not to mention statistical data that dates back to the 1990s.
  • Trade in the manner of FOREX – yes, seriously. Because the Z Code System was never intended to be a sports betting robot. What the creators have worked towards is producing an automated system that choses winners based on a scientifically proven and finely tuned prediction model – just like you find in FOREX trading systems.
  • Predictions bases on over 80 unique metrics – and that’s for every event it forecasts. These include past performance, injuries, match importance, rivalries, individual athletes and predicted future performance.

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Who is it for?
Well, the most obvious target market is those who already enjoy betting on the sports market. And indeed the Z Code System is ideal for this. But we think that the marketing machine behind the system has missed out on trick or two, because this clever system would also appeal to those who enjoy trading FOREX or the stock market, simply because of the way the system works.

After all, if you’re already trading the markets in one way, it surely makes sense to spread your wings a little bit and add sports betting into your portfolio.

How long has the Z Code System been around?

Interestingly, the Z Code System has been around since the late 1990’s, but in beta and not available to the general public. The producers then decided, over the past 27 months, to take advantage of the massive worldwide platform that is Facebook, where fans of the system could follow the system in real time, making their own bets as it went along.

It was this via this clever Facebook approach that the system ended up being extensively beta tested before the Z Code System was finally marketed and, we have say, now made private and only available to those who decide to purchase the system.

The Pros

  • Because the Z Code System is fully automated, it has no favorite players or teams. This means that the bets you’ll place will be totally without human emotion attached, making them business decisions, pure and simple. Because after all, the whole reason you bet on sports games and events is to make cold solid cash.
  • With over a quarter of a century’s statistics and data to work from, the system makes its predictions using the best of the past, the present and the future – something that no human could manage to such an incredible extent.
  • Z Code System is truly unique. Sure, there are other automated sports betting robots on the market, but this system has combined both expert human knowledge with statistical data and the power of the latest technology. And this has never been done before.
  • This is a system that’s designed to work on a long term basis; in other words, to provide you with a reliable and consistent income from your sports betting, and reduce your loss ratio down to the absolute minimum.
  • The Z Code System is no fly-by-night product. Having been around in one form or another since the mid-1990s, you can be sure that you’re placing your bets based on the maximum amount of information you could possibly have at your fingertips.

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Who is it for?
The Cons

  • Okay, so it’s not 100% accurate. But then, if it were we wouldn’t be doing this review now, would we! We’d be sunning ourselves on our yacht in the Caribbean, or flying our Lear jet to some exotic location. The thing is, because the Z Code System is designed to play the long game, you need to be prepared to lose the odd bet here and there. But in general, as long as you follow the system to the letter without letting those pesky ol’ emotions get in the way, your win:lose ratio will definitely be in your favor.
  • And yes, it’s a computer system. This in itself might put a few people off, especially those who’re not particularly “tech savvy.” But rest assured that you don’t require any specialist computer skills or knowledge to use the Z Code System. The fact that you’re online and reading this review shows that you have good enough computer skills to use the Z Code System.

The Bottom Line
Well, we certainly didn’t expect to have ended up where we are right now, because we were all lined up to give the Z Code System a serious slating! But, to our disappointment, we can’t. Because this is one automated betting system that truly does what it says on the tin – and that’s to increase your winning odds by an incredible amount.

All those years in beta testing, not to mention the input of 21 expert programmers, has led to what we believe to be one of the most innovative and exciting sports gambling system ever released on the market. Well done guys, you certainly get the thumbs up from us!

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Who is it for?

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